21/02/17 – I’m almost sure I’m going to fail at this

I decide to start exercising again so I won’t always feel physically ill.


No workout, five hours of meal preparation, which counts as strength and endurance training

I couldn’t exercise today. My back is in agony after standing over a hot stove for five hours (literally five hours, not including shopping time) doing meal preparation.  Meal preparation is a thing people on YouTube say is simple and easy if you just give … Continue reading No workout, five hours of meal preparation, which counts as strength and endurance training

18/03/17 – Intermediate yoga is too intense for me

Yesterday I did 30 minutes of cardio and 15 minutes of core but I didn’t blog about it. Sue me.

The cardio was a low impact video from POPSugar Fitness – I haven’t linked it here but you can find it if you want. The instructor irritated me because his partner was assisting in the demonstration and he kept on referring to her with these baby names and it annoyed me.

I’m not a fan of pet names and while I was sweating I hated it. My core workout was supposed to be longer but I was finished.

Today my yoga workout was 45 minutes and was set at an intermediate level. I know I’m not at intermediate level (yet) so I didn’t put pressure on myself to complete some of the more difficult moves.

I was able to generally keep up with the class using some variations and I surprised myself with how much I could complete.

I think I’ve found my favourite yoga instructor. Micki Duran is strong, graceful, and balanced. I was really inspired to reach that level of control of my body.

I think I’m going to exclusively follow her yoga videos. This video pushed me in cardio, strength, flexibility, and balance without discouraging me from continuing with my workouts.

It was difficult but I want to get better. Also, she’s friends with Fergalicious Definition Make Them Boys Go Loco.

Love when we actually get see each other. #proudfriend #fergie #officialmickiduran #mickiduran

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