21/02/17 – I’m almost sure I’m going to fail at this

I haven’t ever exercised very well. 

I ran a little in high school because my sister did cross country but I’ve never been very consistent. 

I played a little basketball and quit when practice ran too long. 

I did yoga in my spare time off and on.

I stuck with Latin and ballroom for the longest (four years) and studied tap for a bit too.

I don’t stick to exercise programs for a number of reasons.

I get bored really easily. I hate sweating. I hate hearing the sound of my own breathing. I hate getting hurt and feeling pain. I hate feeling awkward and my glasses slipping down my nose when I’m running. 

I tried skipping earlier this year and failed because I hated the bouncing

The problem is that exercise has become a non-negotiable activity 

I have to actually get out of bed?

I have a peptic ulcer that leaves me munching antacids like Skittles. I have a mood disorder that periodically fucks with my entire existence. 

My hormones decided to go into overdrive this year and I’ve got adult onset acne after having relatively clear skin all my life.

The shit has metaphorically hit the fan and the wet wipe recommended by my doctors, family members and psychologist is the big E.

I have to do moderate exercise if I want to reach my goal of being a relatively content, somewhat functional member of society. 

Then I saw this tweet:

Follow people who inspire you (@Phroetiq)

This tweet inspired me to start this blog to keep me accountable and keep me going.

So my journey begins in earnest. I will chronicle my journey here. 

It’s going to get ugly so help me out by reading these posts, talking to me and sending me encouraging words.

I’ll update soon 



5 thoughts on “21/02/17 – I’m almost sure I’m going to fail at this

  1. I really wish you all the best on this journey. It’s hard, it’s sometimes demotivating because the results take so long and most of all it hurts. Stick it out though. I’ve found that setting small goals has helped me get consistent. Running an extra 2-5 mins on the treadmill every week, trying a heavier weight when I feel ready, extra sit ups here and there.. All that and when you look back 3 months later, you’ve improved a lot.

    Anyway, in short, it’ll get easier and feel more rewarding. Looking forward to more posts.


  2. Janina! I know you’ve been mentioning here and there how you want to get healthy and I think its such a big and cool thing to make yourself officially accountable for your physical fitness. I completely understand how some of the more pressing issues in our lives can derail us from taking time out and taking care of our bodies. And because we are actual soul mates, I will be following your journey closely and cheering you on every step of the way, while I use you as inspiration to get back to my own fitness and health. Love ya! Believe in in ya! * cue DOPE/FIRE/NOT TODAY*

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