11/03/17 – I work out at 9pm with Turkish from snatch.

I’ve been babysitting and writing all day. I got home fully intending to flake on my 30 minutes of cardio but I bragged to Zoe about looking forward to it after sitting for 12 hours.

My decision to tell my best friend a little lie led me to find the new inspiration to my fitness journey.

Turkish from snatch. is now living under the pseudonym Daniel and leading Youtube low-impact cardio tutorials.

(I’m obviously joking)

‘Daniel’ made me so happy and enthused to be working out that I put in effort into the full thirty minutes.

He told me he was next to me and in front of me and I was like:

Are you inside me as well, Turkish? Because I’m celibate.

Honestly, it was a really fun program and the time bar at the bottom of the screen always helps me to complete the full video.

I was bushed after a long day and Turkish’s motivational patter made me punch harder, not roll my eyes.

Maybe it’s because my brain circuitry is rewiring itself so that I’ve started to enjoy this annoying bullshit or because a man who looked and sounded like Jason Statham was cheering me on but today was bearable.



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