09/03/17 – ‘who says yoga isn’t cardiovascular?’ I do, Mandy for fuck’s sake

It’s yoga day but I finally don’t have blood dripping from between my legs so I thought I’d do a routine that is slightly more challenging.

I’m becoming a bit of a POPSugar fan. They’ve got many different styles and difficulties of workouts.

I don’t like the implicit body shaming in the language used sometimes.

Their videos are better than some of the faux-mindful, feathers in the fingers of the Grinch nonsense that I have waded through.

I will not follow the YouTube channel of someone who stole Christmas.

Mandy really pushed me this work out. I tried my best but it wasn’t so successful.

Just for the record, if you do this, yoga isn’t usually cardiovascular. It’s supposed to be relaxing.

I completed it so I feel like I’ve achieved something.

I’m also becoming hip to how these trainers rewire your brain to think that you’re enjoying being put through your paces.

I see all the ‘work through this and you’ll reap the rewards’ language.

My third eye is open, Anna and I still don’t enjoy the burn.

I don’t give a flying, form-perfect fuck.



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