08/03/17 – I am not going to be a baddie

Louisa complimented me on my persistence in exercising. She said that soon I’m going to become thin and energetic.

This is a nice thought but I doubt regular, moderate exercise is going to turn me into Teyana Taylor.


My face is so sore from my crocodile reaction that I’m still hesitant to push myself. My will to exercise is being drained through the two red patches on my face.

I found two relatively low-impact tutorials to keep up my schedule.

This POPSugar video is not difficult in terms of the cardio but the mental stimulation of the choreo was enjoyable.

I’m going to try the zumba ones next for more of a cardio challenge.

This core workout video is very good for beginners as the instructor gave useful advice to monitoring form and the difficulty was graded for people of different abilities as well.

I kept my participation up but didn’t really push myself very hard because my condition is not good today.

Fuck planks. I still suck at them.

The journey continues.


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