05/03/17 – why am I working out when I’m bleeding

I’m still following my workout routine into week 2. It’s core day today so I had to do twenty minutes of cardio at 90% intensity and a core workout afterwards.

I have no way of judging intensity when I’m following a cardio workout video. I just try to finish. I finished a 20 minute one today (I would embed it but I can’t find it and I’m exhausted).

I tried this video for my core section but I only managed to complete the beginner moves and I didn’t do all the reps.

The cardio made my muscles into water.

I need to rationalise my poor performance a little because blood is literally pouring out of my vagina.

As in if I didn’t have a silicon cup catching the blood and endometrial tissue being pressed out of my uterus there would clumps of bloody membrane falling out of my body. That is the current situation in my panties right now.

Besides the clumps of flesh my body is shedding; I am sweating while at rest; my mouth tastes weird ten minutes after I brush my teeth; I have a low grade headache constantly and I have cramps.

I’m not going to describe my cramps because I’m sure you already feel sorry for me.

The point I’m trying to make here is that my physical condition isn’t great but I’m working out because I’m committed to running circles around Zoe when I see her.

The Pilates video I posted has many useful variations to build up to basic and advanced moves so I recommend it for everyone. I might actually approach a plank using techniques I learned there.







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