24/02/17 – I try to make up for hideous failure

Yesterday was disappointing so this morning, I decided to do some more yoga even though it is technically a rest day.

I did a twenty minute beginner’s video from Youtube, concentrating on the core, and I discovered that I have a tendency to be a lazy beginner.

Whenever I click on these videos it feels like I’m opting into one of those ****LOSE BELLY FAT IN 10 MINUTES**** clickbait articles. The SEOs cheapen the content.

I did most of the exercises well except stabbing the air for what felt like forever. I stabbed the air feeling like I wanted to cry and whispering, ‘I hate everything about this’ repeatedly.

My core has weakened significantly over the years. A new goal will be to strengthen it along with getting better at cardio.

I hope these kinds of exercises will help with my reflux because if I’m stabbing the air for shits and giggles; I am going to lose my temper.

The video was challenging enough but after I completed it I didn’t feel exhausted and I’m encouraged to get my phone fixed so I don’t feel desperate and hopeless.

That’s an improvement on yesterday.


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