23/02/17 – I make a mistake and think I can do a plank

Every fitness blogger has inevitably hit a wall in their journey: logistics of life, family responsibilities, an emotional block… I didn’t expect to hit all of the above on day 2.

I had good, if tentative, expectations this morning. In my perfectly planned day, I would go with my sister and niece to the paediatrician, walk the dogs, do ten minutes of cardio and my core workout from my exercise plan; have a second shower, and still have time to make a salad to take to work. Since I was awake and alert from 5am and my work day only begins at twelve – I had seven hours to complete a very achievable list of tasks.

I made a number of mistakes.

I didn’t exercise before going to the doctor with my niece even though I had time because I assumed that I would have enough space later on to work out. I did not. I was required to babysit for about two hours after the doc and the intoxicating sensation of holding a sleeping infant prevented me from dumping her in her bassinet to watch me huffing and grunting for twenty minutes.

I made my salad to help me eat better at work and keep me away from the vending machines but I put in too many mung bean sprouts so I bought myself a Coke to make up for that.

My pee is going to smell amazing; I’m sure.

My phone died and won’t start up again which is good timing as tomorrow is a rest day and I can take it to the shop but also makes me want to claw my face off in frustration.

I wasn’t in the greatest mood to exercise after work.

I arrived home past nine and waking everyone up with loud cardio isn’t an option so I decided to do a core yoga workout from a Youtube tutorial.

I managed to get through 12 minutes before giving up.

I misjudged my proficiency at yoga. I cannot do a plank.

I’m feeling pretty low today. My whole body is sore from less than quarter of an hour of exercise. My phone is broken. My salad was a failure.

I’m going to wash my face and go to sleep in shame.


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