22/02/17 – It’s day 1 and I never want to do this again

I’ve chosen to use a 4-week exercise program created by heptathlete Louise Hazel. 

It’s got exercises that steadily increase in intensity and duration. The first week aims for ten minute work-outs and you’re supposed to progress to forty minutes in the fourth week. 

I am praying that I make it to four weeks so when I go to visit my soulmate in Thailand, I can brag and run really fast around her. This is what I tell myself to get through the first ten minutes of hell.

I was taken aback by how difficult ten minutes of exercise was

My insights into my first performance of Gym Routine 1:

After years of dancing I still have no grace in floor work

My upper body is really weak and I feel like a fool doing a plank. 

It was so hard I immediately got a headache after doing the first routine. 

My glasses fell off twice. 

I need to always wear a bra while doing this because I jiggled all over my lounge floor.

I wish I could skip to the time when I’m already fit and all of this is over.

In summation: exercise still sucks.


One thought on “22/02/17 – It’s day 1 and I never want to do this again

  1. I lol’d at you jiggling all over the lounge. Also, contact lenses? My glasses would definitely slip off due to a disgusting mix of sweat and face cream.

    PS: I still haven’t started. Please keep on so I can eventually catch up, *cry.


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